10 Essential Close up Tricks for Kids

Discover 10 mind-blowing magic routines that captivate kids and wow audiences every time! From appearing lollipops to vanishing handkerchiefs, these tricks guarantee endless smiles and amazement. Ready to become the star of the show? Dive in and start the magic!

10 Essential Close up Tricks for Kids
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This time, we're providing ten routines that have served us incredibly well over the years and will get incredible reactions from EVERYBODY in the room.

So, in no particular order..

  1. Appearing Lollipop from Flash Paper - This is killer and looks amazing too. Imagine the surprise when a lollipop appears from a burst of flash paper!
  2. Cards Across - Cards travel from one side of the room to the other. It's a classic effect that's always a hit.
  3. Sponge Balls - One ball magically travels from your hand into theirs. It's a simple but powerful trick that never fails to amaze. With a bit of additional routining, all sorts of incredible magic will happen. Why not vanish both balls at the end and make them re-appear in a wine glass that is upside down and covered by a napkin!
  4. Pocket Size Colouring Book - The stage version gets killer reactions, and so does the close-up variation. It's a versatile trick that's perfect for kids.
  5. Vanishing Handkerchief - Vanish a silk and make it reappear anywhere. David Kaye makes it appear in a kid's sock, I make it appear out of my mouth. Combine the two and you have a killer routine!
  6. A Rope Routine - Richard Sanders' Fire Optics Extended is an amazing resource, and my rope routine has served me well on stage, up close, and just about everywhere else.
  7. Divorce by Justin Miller - I have said it before and I'll say it again, this routine is so versatile EVERYBODY LOVES IT.
  8. Linking Jelly Finger Rings - It's not officially available yet, but for now, grab yourself two jelly sweet finger rings, a craft knife, and stick one back together so they are linked. Simply switch the sweets using a standard Bobo's pass as you pass them from hand to hand and link them together. Eat them to destroy the evidence!
  9. The Amazing Coin Box - This close-up illusion fits in your pocket and at £15 it's an absolute steal. Click [here].
  10. Shrinking Napkin - This is just beautiful, an essential impromptu magic routine.

So there we have it, ten amazing routines to wow the kids and everyone else in the room. Try them out and watch the magic happen!

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